7 Days to a Joyful Heart Guided Meditation Series Mindfulness
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7 Days of Inspirational Guided Meditations

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Over 40 pages filled with information on meditation, mindfulness, mantras and more!

7 Days to a Joyful Heart Meditation Series

Love’s light reaches every corner of the universe. Imagine now just how big your heart truly is when you share that light.

Are you ready to let go of the past and open your heart to the love you were born to know? Join spiritual teacher Robert Clancy on the 7 Days to a Joyful Heart Meditation Series, a life-changing meditation journey crafted to connect you with peace-filled joy and angelic love.

Discover how to:

  • Make your soul become fully aware of its infinite beauty the moment it connects with another’s.
  • Release the boundaries of your heart.
  • Identify, release, and heal the shadows looming over your heart.
  • Expand your heart’s capacity to recognize, give and receive precious love.

Celestial soundscapes harmonize your soul with transformative daily inspirational messages, beautifully guided meditations and heart-centering thoughts. Get ready to become a beautiful harmonious melody of universal love with the 7 Days to a Joyful Heart Meditation Series!

Meditation can reduce or even eliminate your stresses and replace them with inner peace. Taking time to meditate is one of the best tools to use in balancing your emotions, clearing your mind of stress and promoting the peace within your soul. Meditating on your own requires some effort, while the guided meditation below literally walks you through the process one step at a time to help you find a calm and peaceful state. Quiet your mind and relax your body with this guided meditation for ultimate relaxation.


Complete 7 Day Mediation Program

Over two and a half hours of guided meditations and inspirational content.

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